LM Equipment and Design has a full service manufacturing facility with in-house engineering, machine and assembly departments with the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of coil processing equipment from a single line component to a complete slitting or cut-to-length line.

To view an overall listing of our equipment capabilities, please see our Equipment List.

View flyers and specifications of several single line components offered by LM Equipment & Design:

Product Specifications

  Edge Control
Coil Cars
Crop Shear
Scrap Winder 1/2"
Scrap Winder 1/4"
4 Arm Entry Turnstile
4 Arm Exit Turnstile
Automatic Sheet Stacker
Coil Car Turntable
Tension Stand Combo
Tension Stand Drag Style
Tension Stand Roll Style
Custom Built Coil Cars
Custom Designed Snubber
Downlayer with Powered Rollers
Sheet Runout Conveyor

Contact LM Equipment for Product Specifications not listed.


Line Capacities:

Slitting Line Capacities
Cut-to-Length Line Capacities


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