Equipment List

LM Equipment and Designs has a full service manufacturing facility with in house engineering, machine and assembly departments with the ability to design and manufacture a wide range coil processing equipment from a single component to a complete slitting or cut-to-length line. The following represents a list of our equipment capabilities:

Air System
Automatic Edge Control
Auto Pack Receiving Table
Auto Track Feed Rolls
Basket Rolls
Belt Wrapper
Bridle Rolls
Carryover & Centering Guides
Centering Conveyor
Centering Guides
Circumfrontial Banding Rolls
Coil Breaker
Coil Car (2 Coil)
Coil Car Unloader
Coil Car Turn Table
Coil Car Upender
Coil Handling Car
Coil Hoist
Coil I.D. Grab
Coil Loading Car
Coil Push Ramp
Coil Snubber
Coil Stacker
Coil Storage Conveyor
Coil Storage Rack
Coil Storage Turn Table
Coil Hoist & Trolley
Crop End Removal
Crop Shear
Dancer Rolls
Entry Accumulator
Entry Catenary Guide
Entry Coil Car
Entry Guide Table
Entry Pinch Rolls
Entry Storage Turnstile
Exit Accumulator
Exit Catenary Guide
Exit Coil Unloading Car
Exit Deflector Pinch Roll
Exit Edge Control
Exit Inspection Station
Exit Pinch Rolls
Exit Side Guides
Exit Storage Turnstile
Exit Transfer Turnstile
Head Change System
High Speed Shear
Hold Down Roll
Hump Table

Hydraulic System
Idler Rolls
Interchangeable Slitter Head
Knock Down Roll
Ladle Transfer Car
Leveller Pinion Stand
Leveller Slide Base
Loop Doubler
Overarm Seperator
Overarm Seperator II
Pack Storage Conveyor
Paper Winder
Paper Unwinder
Peeler Snubber
Pinch Rolls
Pinch Roll Pinion Stand
Pit Thread Table
Quick Change Seperator Tool System
Rebuilt Side Trimmer
Recoiler Thread Table
Set Up Stands
Scrap Bailer
Scrap Car
Scrap Chopper
Scrap Conveyor
Scrap Removal System
Scrap Shear
Scrap Winder Left Hand
Scrap Winder Right Hand
Sheet Conveyor
Sheet Stacker
Side Guides
Side Trimmer
Skid Bander
Skid Storage Conveyor
Skid Tipper Station
Skid Turn Table
Skid Unloading Conveyor
Squaring Guides
Stack Car
Steering Pinch Rolls
Steering Rolls
Tail Out & Tail Push
Tension Stand Conveyor
Turn Table Conveyor
Upender-Down Ender
Weigh Stations