LM Equipment & Design, Inc.LM Equipment & Design, Inc. is a Salem, Ohio based company, whose mission is to be successful by effectively supplying high quality, reliable, low-maintenance equipment, repairs and service to the metal distribution industry.  LM Equipment manufactures truly productive, rugged, coil processing components.  The best way to show our leadership is through practical problem solving capabilities, and profitable performance. 

LM Equipment is an “OEM” dedicated to designing and building coil processing machinery and systems that meet the steel industries most exacting standards and hard use.  LM’s classic manufacturing methods and ultra rigid construction are combined with technological features to provide exceptional value. 

Whether you need a standard coil processing line component, or a complete line, LM Equipment has the capability to design it, build it, deliver it on time, and get it operating efficiently within established budget parameters.  Each component we develop becomes a pre-engineered, performance proven product to maximize your present processing facility, or for use in future lines. LM Equipment also supplies parts and service to customers with “PAXSON” coil processing lines or equipment.

The technical staff at LM Equipment is ready to help you size the equipment needed, discuss coil handling arrangements, and also, methods for scrap handling.  LM has a management team with direct knowledge of the industries, extensive research experience, and unique administrative skills.  The total management team consists of people with backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, business administration, and finance.  The superior workmanship evident in our performance is a direct result of our employees.  Our standards have been built upon years of experience.  The majority of the officers, sales, engineering, service, and shop personnel have spent much of their working lives in the design, manufacture, and service of coil processing equipment.  The LM Equipment management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect, maintaining an environment and structure that will encourage productivity and respect for our customers and employees.

LM Equipment & Design has several highly significant competitive advantages: